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Booking Express Travel
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 84 reviews
 by Grace D.
Customer Service is Excellent

I have only been a member of Booking Express Travel for two years, but their booking representstives are the best. Always ready to help and they never put me on hold. I love this company.

 by Marianne and Bill M
Talk About Saving Money!

We booked a family trip to Florida right before prices on everything started to skyrocket. So glad we choose a resort with shuttle service to Disney and a bunch of onsite amenities. Between not getting a rental car and stocking up our kitchen, we probably saved about a thousand dollars on just this trip.

 by Jorge R
Booking Express Travel Really Cares

When I booked a trip to Mexico, one of the reps I talked to mentioned that I should keep copies of IDs, CC and travel docs in a separate place from the originals just for security. Sure enough, I lost the originals so this little tip saved me a lot of hassle. Thanks for the tip, Maya, you are a life saver.

 by Samantha N
Great places, Excellent prices

I travel alot, and nothing beats the deals I get with Booking Express Travel. They always have nice options in the locations I travel to and their customer service reps are really helpful.

 by Karen S
Gulf side Florida Is Awesome

I just wanted to get out of the cold of Wisconsin and Booking Express helped me get a great deal on a condo in Clearwater, FL. The beaches are gorgeous and we saved a ton of money cooking in the full kitchen. Its an easy drive to Tampa too.

 by Annmarie E
Feeling Safe is Everything

As a single women, being safe while traveling is always a concern. Booking Express offers four and five star accommodations in great locations where I feel safe. The money savings is a bonus.

 by Jack S
Wish I Could Travel More

You will travel more and spend less money is what I was promised with my membership. Well, can’t really travel more, but did say a lot on the couple of trips I did take so still highly recommend Booking Express.

 by Madison L
So Easy to just get away

At some point I realized it didn’t matter where, I just wanted to be someplace other than my condo. Booking Express had so many options at great prices it took me a few days to decide, but now I am planning a trip every few months because it is so affordable.

 by Mason W
Total Family Reset

Being cooped up together for months was wearing on the family. We used our membership to book three rooms so brother and sister could come along, but the little cousins had the best time. We took turns watching the kids so each couple got a few nights to themselves and everyone left feeling happy and refreshed.

 by Paul D.
Vacations Aren’t a Luxury

With everything going on these days, getting away from all the stress for a little while made all the difference for me and my family. Me and Mom got some alone time and the kids got spoiled by Grandma for a week. Total win-win.

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Booking Express Travel Promotions, Customer Satisfaction Changes, Draws Rave Reviews


Booking Express Travel Promotions prides itself on meeting the travel wants and needs of every member, and online comment is better than ever before thanks to steps taken to eliminate the online brand confusion.

After Google’s Hummingbird update late last year, several similar words and phrases started being included with results for the original search. That means people searching for Booking Express Travel Promotions would see results, including other vacation organizations, and even some completely irrelevant results.

Businessmen with gold stars rating

 For that reason, there has been a little confusion over which membership is being spoken of in online reviews — leading to incorrect reviews for another type of travel providers being posted on pages dedicated to the Booking Express Travel, doing damage to the brand’s illustrious name and history of customer service.



Booking Express Travel has turned a negative situation into a positive one by taking several measure to make sure our brand is not tarnished and continuously improve the members experience for all and any future members.

Membership numbers are steadily on the rise and growing, while customer satisfaction levels are higher than ever thanks to Booking Express Travel one on one customer service deals and travel offers.

Booking Express Travel has always been an industry front-runner by incorporating those deals with first-class member service and making every member feel special and deliver the best vacation experience as a company and go above and beyond.


Members can travel to several top destinations, enjoying world-class accommodations in some of the trendiest locations around the globe.

By taking the appropriate actions, Booking Express Travel has increased member satisfaction across the board, enabling members to save money while making their dream vacations.

Vacations with Americans give our members the right to choose from many resorts affiliated in our association with the tops names and destinations in the industry.

We always strive to create a vacation experience that will not just satisfy yet exceed the member’s needs and expectations. We want our members happy, so they tell friends and family, and our word of mouth reputation is advantageous.

Booking Express Travel Takes You ON A DREAM VACATION

Booking Express Travel has the best deals to get you the perfect vacation.

Imagine the perfect vacation; now make it a reality with BET! One of the leaders in member-based travel, they make it easy to travel to far off spots in the world, while giving members exclusive discounts and saving them money.

Enjoy luxurious accommodations and only the finest in resorts and condominiums as you see places you have only dreamed of visiting. The expert customer support staff make it easy to figure out the best places to visit, and how to have the best experience on your BET.

Travel like a movie star, visiting high-end resorts with unbelievable views. Resorts partner with BET because they have seen the number of members that will book resorts through them, and how much weight their name carries in the member-based travel world. On-site dining accommodations, spa retreats, golf outings, and much more can all be enjoyed by traveling with Booking Express Travel.

Travel to the exotic jungles of South America, view the historical empires of Mexico and enjoy the atmosphere of Europe. These are just a few locations you can visit when you book with our team of pros. Dedicated to giving the best experience to its customers, they pride themselves on high-quality vacations for the lowest prices.

You can have the assurance that you are getting the best value for your money because BET works with leaders in travel and business to give its members the quintessential travel experience.

Not only will you be traveling in luxury and relaxation, but your travel booking with our team will also be just as easy. With the expert BET customer service staff, you can find the perfect vacation spot with relative ease. They have helped thousands with booking their dream trips and can answer any questions that members might have. Flight arrangements, resort reservations, attractions, excursions, and anything else will be handled with class and expedience through the best support staff.

If you want that dream luxury vacation for a fraction of the price, there’s only one company that can honestly give it to you. Put your dream vacation in the hands of our talented professionals.


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