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Booking Express Travel
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 10 reviews
by Richard and Gloria L on Booking Express Travel
Booking Express Travel Staff,

Thank you so much for the lovely trip to Italy. It was so beautiful to visit places like Rome and see all the ancient historical buildings like the Coliseum and the Vatican. There were lots of people from all over the world. We stayed near the train station, that was good because we took the train to Pisa and rented a car and drove around Tuscany and all the little towns. The condo we stayed in was stunning a small mini kitchen that was nice for snacks and stuff. In the mornings, we go and sit in the town square and drink coffee and was such a beautiful life in some of these little towns so different they are oblivious to what goes on anywhere else in the world. I could live there. Thanks again. Your service with me was outstanding.

by Mick and Lil H on Booking Express Travel
Booking Express Travel staff,

First, let wish all a happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a lovely holiday season. The trip to the Dominican Republic was the bomb. You git us a top floor ocean view room with amazing views and just the fact that we could sit there and watch the sunset was super, Love the layout of the resort it was amazing and big had lots of room no fighting for chairs or people placing flip flops on chairs and showing up at noon. Well-Trained staff. The water was warm, and the food was delicious. Was exactly as you said with no surprises. We felt a little weird when we first joined; now are only regret is that we did not do this years ago. We had many other travel experiences, but quite a few had not been so pleasant. You guys take care of your members, and we can tell that. You really can see when people have passion in there work, and Booking Express does that and more.

by Tim K on Booking Express Travel
To all the Staff of Booking Express Travel,

Jane and I came back from Cabo San Lucas on Monday. We really had one of the best times ever. My wife who never has fished in her life was given a rod and reeled in a 200 plus pound Marlin. You should have seen her, it was the best thing ever she was really fighting hard to keep the line tight and not loose the fish as the crew are screaming instructions at her like reel, reel, reel. Anyways after that she could hardly hold a Margarita glass with one hand because her arms were so sore. Funny watching her use two hands and shake. We did have the time of our lives she will always remember it and I will always remember the look on her face as those guys were screaming reel reel. She is usally the shot caller. I do think if she did not have fish on she would have thrown one of them overboard haha. Best of times.
Thank you so much your staff is great.

by Gerald M on Booking Express Travel
To All the Staff at Booking Express Travel

First, I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Also, the last vacation that Micheal helped us with was amazing. The suite was a condo that was at least 1200 sq ft plus. Full remodel with all brand new stainless steel and granite just gorgeous. So close to all the bars and clubs in Cancun and was able to walk to all. The beaches are so nice best snorkeling around. The food was superb. Thank you again because this was the best trip ever. We never this type of style because of the money now it sure is affordable to have a luxury like this.

by Kathy and Andrew A on Booking Express Travel
To all the Booking Express Staff

I love to travel with you guys. The first time we ever really had a quality vacation with the children without camping or staying in a budget motel.
The resort in Orlando was terrific waterslides, and BBQ's around and so close to the park. The best part was we could go early leave when the crowds got heavy and come back after spending 4 or 5 hours at the resort and finishing off the day watching fireworks at Disney. The trip was by far the best and looking forward to the next one.
Your service and the resort-quality now spoil us.

by Jimmy N on Booking Express Travel
Booking Express Travel Super Staff,

You guys are the absolute best your help with my wife, who was the one second guessing our decision to join the club was something let me tell you. Well, now she and I just came back from sunny Cabo san Lucas we stayed in a hotel in the so-called Golden Zone right on the Marina. Everything we wanted was there, and they had five restaurants to choose from on their all-inclusive plan. The price we paid compared to what others paid on travel sights was so very much less. The resort was great staff was so lovely met good friends there hope to see the same crew again next year. So just put us down for the same thing next year. BTW my wife was telling others how great it was joining BET, and I had to hold back and not laugh at her.

by Rick G on Booking Express Travel
Booking Express Team,

Janelle and I returned on Sunday, and the trip to Palm Springs was excellent. We stayed at the Marriot, and this was no little place, it was a mega playhouse for adults. Beautiful grounds and the resorts were out of this world. Great place Palm Springs we heard about it but never went. You can feel the old Town history of all the Movie stars who lived there and did in the past was very cool. We love it. Thank you for the one on one help was the best.

by Carol K on Booking Express Travel
To the Booking Express Staff,

Love love love the condo you got me in Orlando. It was so nice and spacious we had the best time ever. Thank you so much love this membership. If this is what I can expect, this was the best decision ever. You really do deliver a quality product.

by Leann and John on Booking Express Travel

Thank you so much for arranging our honeymoon for us. We had the best time ever in Cabo. Was perfect in every way.

by Judy Q on Booking Express Travel

You guys are the best. I just came back from Hawaii. Gained a few pounds at this Luau. Great resort, perfect job. Love the fact I have One on One with you guys. Thanks again.

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