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Booking Express Travel knows that Italy is renowned the world over for its cuisine and fashion and its ancient culture.

It is sometimes even considered the second center for fashion in the world. Many top designers born in this country and the cities of Florence, Rome, and Milan are renowned for fashion.

The cuisine is not far behind. Italian Pizza is famous all over the world. We understand that pasta has also made their way into many other places’ cuisines.

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Italian Specialties

Fashion designers like Versace, Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Max Marra, etc., were all born here in Italy. You can get an excellent variety of shoes and bags from here as they are one of the specialties of Italy.

You can have a real taste of the famous Italian dishes that are from every region. The best thing is the regional diversity. At every place, you will get a different flavor of the food. It is also popular to go wine tasting in the middle of the beautiful scenery. Amongst the beauty of Tuscany and Chianti, the beauty is just out of this world

The Italian music is also notable for its fantasizing chords and the great musical melodies. It is famous around the globe, and the new musicians also mix in various combinations that make Italian music more remarkable.

Booking Express Travel knows that a trip to Italy will captivate your entire family.

A must-see is Rome and Venice, yet everything in Italy is fantastic. From the tip of the southernmost coast in Sicily right up to the Lake District, this is country like no other. When in Rome from the Coliseum to the Spanish Steps to Pompei, the country offers such a diverse amount of culture and ancients ruins and towns that are of Roman times.


Venice is a charming destination that is one of the most romantic cities in the world.


Booking Express Travel wants you to visit Italy and experience the warm-heartedness of the Italian heritage. Nothing seems to compare to the popularity of the country. Once there, you will see that it has tourists from all over the world come to visit it many unique sites and cultures.

Call your Booking Express Travel rep today to see how easy it is to make a dream vacation come to life.

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