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Booking Express Travel has been experiencing an increase in requests from vacationers who are thinking about their future vacations. Booking Express Travel members will have no worries about getting a fantastic vacation destination.

We have availability for a variety of condos not only in cities such as San Diego now all over the USA and Canada. We are noticing a trend where family travel has reverted to road trips that are in areas much urbaner or close to parks and such that the whole family can enjoy. Road trips are great but usually result in camping or roadside hotels. Now with the power of Booking Express Travel and it’s an extensive network of resorts and condos, you can take vacations, for prices more affordable than ever before. Imagine that you can drive 6 to 8 hours and be in a beautiful luxury condo in California or the Poconos.

Beach at sunset in California by Booking Express Travel

The choices are many and the resorts all full service with pools and all kinds of great things to do. What is even better is that Tripp’s members love the fact that these condos come fully equipped with full kitchens, and you can save more by cooking a few meals here and there. Travel can be expensive and can also be affordable. Everyone would love to fly like a jet-setter here and there, but let’s face it air travel can be costly. Now with Booking Express Travel, you can have a choice, you have a good year and have extra money you can plan that exotic location and we will hook you up with a beautiful condo second to none.

If the next year, things are little tight, no worries you take a road trip to have somewhere condos that again will be second to none. No matter what the condition of your pocketbook, the fact is travel now is more affordable than ever with BET. We are considered the golden standard for many reasons and providing dream vacations or simple getaways we have you covered; that why our members love us.

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