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Booking Express Travel, a leading provider of luxury travel accommodations, knows that every vacationer deserves to experience the best amenities and customer services. That’s why our focus is to provide these things and advice about some of the best places to be this summer.

Booking Express Travel suggests this year, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, proves that a summer filled with fun-filled learning is the best vacation bet.

For all those interested in art, the chance to learn more about one of the most famous artists of all time makes for an exciting opportunity. This is the largest museum in the country dedicated to a single artist, so make sure to make time to visit The Andy Warhol Museum.

Booking Express Travel Highlights Pittsburgh For Summer Travel

Booking Express Travel Highlights Pittsburgh For Summer Travel


Learn more about the man behind such iconic portraits, such as the favorite Campbell’s soup can, Eight Elvises, or perhaps the most famous: Marilyn Monroe. Check out great exhibits and lectures from professionals, and attend exciting events. There is always something fun to see or do when you stop by.

Another exciting venue to visit is the Carnegie Science Center. This is the perfect place to bring curious kids who want to learn more about how the world works.

Booking Express Travel Highlights Pittsburgh For Summer Travel 3


Visitors get the unique opportunity to visit four floors of interactive exhibits geared for all ages. From the world’s largest permanent robotics exhibit, hundred local historical landmarks in a Mini Railroad & Village, to SpacePlace, a two-story, walk-in replica of the International Space Station, this museum offers fun in educational and exciting ways.

Booking Express Travel knows that a vacation to Pittsburgh provides chances for both information and fun in a new light.

Booking Express Travel has the vision to have our valued members travel more and more every year. We love to hear back from members who tell us about their adventures. Vacations are a must. We have too much stress in our lives, and taking time to relax, enjoy, and explore is best.

With your membership at Booking Express Travel, you can now enjoy the best of life and adventure. Your vacations are more affordable and hassle-free with upscale accommodations in luxury resort condos.

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