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Here is a look at Sandusky from your friends at Booking Express Travel.

Located right on the bay, the city of Sandusky has over 22 miles of picturesque shoreline. Known for its beautiful sandy white beaches and a stunning view of Lake Erie, Sandusky is the most prominent tourist destination in the state of Ohio. Visitors are drawn there for major attractions like Cedar Point, its picturesque islands, boating, and it’s numerous indoor and outdoor water parks.

The “flagship draw” for tourists is Sandusky’s own Cedar Point Amusement Park, along with its claim to fame for being the roller coaster capital of the world. Cedar Point is the champion amusement park, boasting one of the largest selection of roller coasters in the world. Thrill-seekers will be more than entertained by 17 different roller coasters. There are also plenty of children’s attractions and carousels.

A roller coaster track in sandusky ohio by Booking Express Travel

Additionally, the city lures visitors with its extensive coastal trails and the exotic Seneca Caverns. Downtown, the waterfront flaunts its rich history through architecture. There’s plenty of shopping, charming boutiques and great places to eat.

Sandusky offers many historical sites, such as Thomas Edison’s birthplace, the Merry-Go-Round Museum and the Confederate Cemetery on Johnson’s Island. It’s also famous for having participated as a stop along the Underground Railroad, acting as a sanctuary for runaway slaves. Tours are available to give an inside look to the amazing process of the Underground Railroad.

The City of Sandusky takes pride in being one of the best Great Lakes communities to live in. In addition to its fantastic bay location, historic neighborhoods, and architecture, it also hosts a variety of local events and business opportunities. With a backdrop of rich tradition and history, Sandusky is a versatile community to visit, live, work, and play in.

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