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For many travelers, Florida is the perfect spot for summer fun. From the upbeat energy of Miami to the fun to be had for families at the Orlando theme parks, the Sunshine State is the perfect spot for summer vacations. Booking Express Travel knows that no summer trip to Florida would be complete without spending some time relaxing or exploring at the beach. Beach vacations are synonymous with summer, and for travelers who are hitting the beach in Florida this year, here are the best things to bring along to make the most of days at the beach.

Booking Express Travel Tips for Florida Beach Vacations

1. Beach Chair. While a beach chair is not necessary for beach travel, it is undoubtedly a nice thing to have along. Picking out the perfect beach chair will allow travelers to relax and enjoy the lovely atmosphere in comfort. The advantage of beach chairs is also that they keep travelers from having to sit or lie in the sand, which tends to get into everything.

2. Toys: For travelers who have kids, toys for the beach are a must. Kids like playing in the sand, so bringing along shovels and buckets will give them something to enjoy and entertain themselves with for hours. Booking Express Travel believes that even adults can have fun building sandcastles on their beach trips. Additionally, things like beach balls and Frisbees are fun for the entire family to use together and provides ample chances for family bonding.

Gulf of Mexico. Sanibel Island, Florida by Booking Express Travel

3. Portable Shade. Summer and sun are synonymous, and travelers need to protect themselves while enjoying the beach. Clothing like sunglasses, hats, and cover-ups to wear over swimsuits will protect travelers from the sun, and things like beach umbrellas will keep them shaded and cool. Additionally, sunscreen and lip balm will protect travelers’ skin. Staying safe in the sun is an essential step to enjoying the beaches of Florida.

Booking Express Travel wants to make sure that every traveler that visits Florida can enjoy their trip to the fullest. Seeing a beautiful beach location is one of the many ways that travelers this summer can make their Florida vacations even more magical. For more information on Florida travel, please visit Booking Express Travel.

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